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:: بازگشت نخستین گروه ملی پوشان جانباز و معلول از رقابت های پارالمپیک لندن
:: Comprehensive Law for the Support of the Rights of the Handicapped
:: College backs student over film mocking the disabled
:: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
:: Establishment History & Nature of BAAVAR ::

 welcome to iranian disabled people portal

 A Casual Glance at BAAVAR


 Establishment History & Nature of BAAVAR

 Baavar association was established on Nov. 2004 by the cooperation and sympathy of a group of individuals who felt a vacuum in the society for accepting disable people and preparation of cultural groundwork in this regard in our dear country, Iran. Baavar institute is a NGO, independent, nonprofit and government-independent organization which performs non-political activities and complies with rules and regulations of Islamic Republic of Iran. Some of the requirements whose fulfillment caused the establishment of Baavar association are as follows:

  1) Removal of incorrect and unreal views regarding the nature of disability and the influence of this issue on the strengths of disable people.

  2) Correction of the prevailing interpretation that bodily and movement constraints of disable people cause the decreases their strengths in individual and social activities.

  3) Promotion of this true belief that disability is a constraint not an inability and disable people can have and must have an independent life based on their own citizenship dignity beyond bodily and movement constraints.

  4) The necessity of enabling the disables in order to fill the gap caused between the specific constraints of these people and their potential abilities in individual and social life.


 Baavar Doctrine

 The presence of individuals with different knowledge and expertise in Baavar association, including disables and non-disables beside each other, has made an environment in which people are working in the direction of collective activity for changing their society positively.

 In Baavar we learn how to solve our problems rather to think about the problem itself. We learn that disability is a constraint and not an inability. Therefore, we believe that the problems which made us disappointed previously, will only be some opportunities for positive changes and prosperity of our talents. In Baavar, our youths learn that they must make effort for a better life for themselves as well as other people and respect the rights of those people whom they don’t know.


 Fields of Activities

 a) Cultural improvement: By the inclusion of this fact that social consequences of humans’ behaviors are the result of their base beliefs, Baavar intends to prepare the necessary groundwork for equal acceptance of disables in the activities of society by providing a right and correct view toward disability and neglected capabilities of disable people. The major programs of Baavar association in this respect are as follows:

  • Extended broadcasting activities including broad publication of articles and notes in the newspapers and widely-circulated magazines regarding the affairs of disables, broad presence in broadcasting programs, production and broadcasting educational movies from the national medium and displaying in the seminars and public places, extended and close relation with persons in charge of press and media.
  • Publication of books for public education of the society in the field of disables, specialized education of those who are active in rehabilitation field and publication of the works of disable authors.
  • Production of short movies and broadcasting through TV channels.
  • Publication of brochures, bulletins and specialized newsletters.
  • Holding and participation in cultural and promotional festivals.
  • Website and internet group for promoting a correct culture through modern tools
  • Culturation through schools


 b) Enabling: The belief-centered policy of Baavar institute includes equal enabling of disable individuals compared to other people of the society; however, the appearance of these capabilities requires two simultaneous actions with same directions:

  1. Providing equal opportunities by the authorities of the society for flourishing the disables’ talents.

  2. Instruction of disable people through the following methods:
- Holding training workshops in the fields of medical, social and vocational rehabilitations.
- Holding seminars and meetings in all affairs required by members.
- Production of educational-specialized software packages.
- Creation of the groundwork of providing entrepreneurship for the disables using the capacities of government, public and private institutions.


 c) Citizenship Rights: We believe that in case of providing equal opportunities for the disables by the society, these people will be able to achieve the same results as other people in welfare, legal and social position fields through the prosperity of their individual and social capacities. Therefore, one of the main activity axes of this institute is to make effort to equalize the opportunities in the filed of citizenship rights. To achieve this exalted goal, this institute organizes the following activities and actions:

 - Instruction of disables’ rights to these people and decision makers of the country by the priority of comprehensive act of protecting disable people and global convention of human rights of disable people.

 - Performing codified plans of social presence of disable people in order to normalize this presence in the society.

 - Making effort to include disable people in all macro and micro service plans of governmental, public and private executive systems in order to reclaim equal rights for these citizens.

 - Positive and continuous interaction with legislation organs such as Islamic Consultative Assembly, city councils, etc. in order to approve those acts which cover the citizenship rights of disables.

 - Social and legal sensitivity and actions in order to cancel all unfair acts and decisions made against equal rights of disable people.


 Baavar Mission

 In the direction of institute’s field of activity, Baavar mission in making effort to make disables’ social opportunities equal to other people may be summarized in 3 ways:

  1. Increase of social sensitivity and knowledge regarding the necessity of improving the quality of disables’ lives in Iran.
  2. Following up the codification, approval, rectification and execution of required rules and regulations for supporting disables’ rights.
  3. Preparation, collection and dissemination of useful and necessary information and knowledge in the field of disable people.


 Fundamental Values of Baavar

  - People in Baavar don’t seek for any financial profit.

  - Fulfillment of human goals of the society requires the activities of all people of society, therefore Baavar association constitutes of disable people who believe in the equality of women.

  - Baavar doesn’t interfere in its members’ affairs and considers the observation of common accepted values in the framework of its organizational activities as the criterion of moral and legal judgment for members’ functions by respecting the private beliefs of people.

  - By believing in the equality of human positions, Baavar puts the observation of human dignities of Baavar members and other people of the society at the top of its activities.

  - Baavar tries to have a specialized and knowledge-centered activity because we believe that in order to be dynamic in this progressing world, one should always learn modern knowledge and participate in the activities through innovation, order and accepting the critics.

  - We believe that the dignity of each individual doesn’t depend on his/her physical condition or gender. So we knowledgably want all people of the society to participate in our activities and the dignity of each person is preserved.




:: بازگشت نخستین گروه ملی پوشان جانباز و معلول از رقابت های پارالمپیک لندن ::
 | Post date: 2012/09/4 | ارسال‌كننده: Ms zahra khanof |

نخستین گروه از ورزشکاران اعزامی به رقابت های پارالمپیک لندن، بامداد روز چهارشنبه، 15 شهریور ماه به میهن باز می گردند.


:: Comprehensive Law for the Support of the Rights of the Handicapped ::
 | Post date: 2007/08/24 | ارسال‌كننده: Mr reza ayati |
Article 1 - The government is dutybound to pave the way for securing the rights of the handicapped and extend them the needed support.
Provision - In this law, the handicapped refer to people who have sustained considerable, permanent disability in their well being and general efficiency as a result of a physical, mental or psychological injury or all of them as certified by the medical commission in the State Welfare Organization.
:: College backs student over film mocking the disabled ::
A film mocking disabled people, submitted as a student’s thesis, has provoked a furious row in Australia which has led to the suspension of two senior academics who criticised the project. John Hookham and Gary MacLennan were suspended without pay after being accused of jeopardising academic freedom.
:: Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ::

  (a) Recalling the principles proclaimed in the Charter of the United Nations which recognize the inherent dignity and worth and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family as the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,

  (b) Recognizing that the United Nations, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the International Covenants on Human Rights, has proclaimed and agreed that everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth therein, without distinction of any kind,

:: International Day of Families ::
Societies must aid families to protect rights of persons with disabilities: Ban Ki-moon
:: Families of disabled people need more support ::
Today is UN International Day of the Family and the theme is People with Disabilities and their Families
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